UNIT 50, project 2: Icons research

Questionnaire 1:

Question 1: Adults and children should be challenged by media and art.

Do you:

A. strongly agree


C. not sure

D. disagree

E. strongly disagree

Question 2: Who is the best author in history?

Question 3: Have you ever heard of Mervyn Peake?

Question 4: Art and culture are important. Wouldn’t you agree that meaningful and intelligent art and media, should be exposed to the general public, more so than just what’s “popular”?

Question 5: Which of these books/ book series, would you say are the most popular- in order?

  • Gormenghast trilogy
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Harry potter
  • paradise lost


Question one:

Two people said B- they agree.

One person said C- they aren’t sure.

Question 2:

Two people said J.R.R.Tolkien.

One person said J.K.Rowling.

Question 3:

All three people asked this question said no.

Question 4:

Two people said yes.

One said no.

Question 5:

Two people said they would order it:

  • LOTR
  • Harry Potter
  • Paradise lost
  • Gormenghast

While one person said they would order it:

  • LOTR
  • Harry Potter
  • Gormanghast
  • Paradise lost.

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