Research for wednesday workshop

The role of research in the creative media sector is vital. Doing research allows the researcher to gain an insight into: peoples view on things- whether that be political views or views on a product. It can also allow the researcher to learn more about a product they wish to sell. Research can also allow the media industry to “check the pulse” of their desired audience; and cater to their needs and interests accordingly. The main point of research is to gain information, fro first and second hand sources: Although in some cases certain techniques of research can be used to create artificial statistics, for example asking many lead lead in questions- which are expertly crafted- can mislead the interviewee into giving answers to questions that they normally wouldn’t/ Although doing this in the media industry seems fairly self damaging- especially considering that media evolves and changes depending on public taste; which is a constant variable and subject to no one persons control. Primary research is getting information straight from the source. Primary research is important because it allows the media industry to directly get receive advice. Primary research gives genuine facts, it’s easy to obtain and it provides both qualitative and quantitative research, criticism and ideas from their potential customers. Methods of getting primary research usually include: questionnaires and surveys. Questionnaires and surveys are usually several question types. One such question type is the open question. An open question is a question with an open answer. An example of a open question could be ” what is the meaning of life”. Another question type is the closed question. A closed question has a rigid answer. An example of a closed question is “what is 2 plus 2”. Another question type is an iterative question. An iterative question is more likely to be found in an interview. Iterative questions are usually used as improvised questions in interviews, so that the interviewer can go into a subject with their interview which they didn’t originally plan on. Primary research is important to the industry because it can also allow companies to know how big their target audience is. Secondary research is getting information from a second hand source, whether that be from the internet, newspapers and books. Secondary research is good to use because it provides quick and easy information.


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