Unit 31 social action- leaflet evaluation

My leaflet is quite unique when compared to others. As mine is designed to inform people of multiple points of view and political positions. Whereas most others seem burdened by the biases of their author, mine does not suffer any where near as much as others do.

Another thing that my leaflet does far better than any other is text. On every single page my text is clear and consistent with the colour scheme of said page. Although their is some problems with the punctuation and spelling on certain areas of the text- for example repeatedly writing “polocies” instead of “Policies”. Though then again my leaflet isn’t as self indulgent as many others. I try and space out my writing and make the page feel spacious and vast- and I feel I succeed at doing this.

Although my leaflet is not without its faults. For one thing their are far too many colours going on on the front page. On top of being visual confusing it took me a while to do. If you compare it to the ukip leaflet above. Their are only three major colours on show – yellow, purple, white. Whereas mine has 7 major colours which just demand peoples attention. Another good example of a leaflet with a colour scheme that works is “Focus liberal democrats” leaflet. It too utilises a small colour scheme to good effect, it also has enough text to be considered informative and a decent enough lack of text as to not come across as desperate or self indulgent.

Overall if I could change a few things it would be this: Number one I would bring in the colour scheme to only accommodate four colours. I would also probably increase the volume of content, by covering  more parties. This would mean cutting certain bits from the other parties profiles.



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