Advertising unit: research log

Primary research:

1)which is a more effective way of advertising a product?

Through TV?



billboard- including bus stop adverts and telephone box adverts?

2)Should Cliches be used in advertisement, or should advertisers look for new and innovative ways to advertise products?

3)What impact has the internet had on advertising?

I only managed to interview 15 people.

For question 1, 9 people answered Tv, 3 people answered newspaper and another 3 people answered billboards. Nobody said radio.

For question 2, 8 people said cliches should be used while the other 7 said innovation was the better way to sell a product

For question 3, 6 people said that the internet has had a huge effect on advertisment. 7 people said that it had a fairly decent effect on advertising and 2 people said it had a minimal effect on advertising.

Samsung: Samsung galaxy s6

Secondary research:

Product research

This link is helpful to me because it gives me all the information I need on the product i am advertising. The first and arguably most important piece of information to salvage is the product’s price- £559.99. The phone is undoubtedly expensive, it may be best to avoid talking about the price. One winning feature of the phone is the ability to fast charge- 10 minutes of charging for 4 hours of power- I should definitely include this fact in my advertisement.  This phone also has the ability to charge wireless – albeit if you buy purchase an additional charging pad.

Another link which could be helpful to me is

This is a link to an advert for the Samsung galaxy s6 and Samsung galaxy s6 edge. One noticeable quote is “people don’t care about battery image is everything” this is noticeable because I can try to talk about both the battery and image – as they are probably the phones greatest selling points. Another noticeable thing from the advert is the tagline at the end: next is now. This isn’t a bad line per say but I don’t think it’s as impact-full  as it should be. Again it is something I could use but preferably I should come up with something better. This is an advert for the Samsung galaxy S4. It’s fairly simple in design, with a black background, with a white model of the product and the words “Samsung galaxy S4; life companion”. The simple implication of the text seems to be that if you buy this phone then you’ll have it for life. Obviously out right saying that would be false advertising, but implying it is perfectly fine. This advert  is also fairly simple in design and message. The ads plot is fairly straight forward, their are some people in a line waiting for “the next big thing”- which is alluded to be an apple product. Over the course of the advert people show off the Samsung galaxy S3, which overshadows the new apple product. Unfortunately as I live in England it is against the law for me to explicetly say that my product is better than another, however I could borrow the tagline of the product in the advert; that being why wait? the next big thing is already here.

Adidas Secondary research Product research: predator instinct Fg shoes

The first piece of information I should take from this is the price of the product- £160. Again that’s fairly expensive for most people, so I should aim my product primarily at football fans, and footballers who- the type of people who take football extremely seriously. Another thing that I can take from this link is the flexible, turf-specific out sole. This can definitely be put in the advertisement, as it’s short and can comfortably fit onto my advertisement.

Additional research This advert is fairly simple. Having a black background with a white light flashing to reveal smoke in the background. The product is the center of the advert with the company logo standing proudly above it. The implication of the advert seems fairly obvious. That the product is so good it should have it’s own spotlight- and by extension anyone who wears them also deserves said spotlight. I should use that sense of self importance in my advert, people seem to like being flattered after all. I should also try to tie my advert into Adidas’ German roots. Mainly because it shows respect for the companies origins and – in the real world- such a decision would probably sit well with German audiences.

Nestle product research: Kitkat

The first piece of information I should use is the 107 calories per serving. It’s something the company seems dead set on pushing, and towing the company line seems like an appropriate course of action. Another thing I can take from this link is the description of the product “slender crispy wafer fingers covered with creamy milk chocolate”. I can use that line in my advert- it shouldn’t take up too much space.

Additional research

This advert has an incredibly convoluted design. I doubt I wanna go into that much detail when designing my own, however I do think it’s important to take just one thing away from this advert, and that is: the approach to seasonal advertising. In this adverts case it’s clearly advertising it’s product in assosiation with halloween. While I don’t think their are any major holidays happening within the next few weeks, seasonal advertising is always something to keep in mind when promoting a product.


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