Another small step

Persistence. It is the defining word of the human condition. Humanities journey into the stars has only just begun. This is a message to the bravest. This a call, for you to take the next big step. To Mars and beyond.


1: I personally feel the title is humble and simple compared to the scope of the adverts subject.

2: I personally feel that my reference to the words of Neil armstrong in the title, draws a pretty strong link to my audience- intelligent, Idealistic.

3. I do think I talk down to my audience a little, but if I had an image to go with my text, my audience would feel like my ad, has a little more ambiguity- in theory anyway.

4. I feel like my headline is enough to draw people in, depending on how it’s presented- i.e. font, size, colour.

5. Again my ad is designed to appeal to the nostalgic and the idealistic, so to those people it does sell. To the cynical It is probably not as enticing.


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