Unit 57: one moments

For my project I want to have a “science vs religion theme”. To demonstrate this battle I will be photographing  an old cathedral- possibly the one in Chester due to it being conveniently closer to me. I will be taking the photo from the ground so the cathedral will be massive and luminous. I would prefer to take the picture in the morning, so I can picture the sun rising up from above the cathedral- or at night to symbolising the sun setting on religion. I would also like to try and include as much new technology as possible. My hope is that the sun will just be in the right position for it to reflect off of the vehicles and shop windows. If it doesn’t then I may be forced to take the picture with the vehicles and shot windows slightly obscured by shadows. Unfortunately that may lead to an undesired interpretation of the story I am trying to convey- that being a story of the sun setting on religion and shining on the future. Although this can be countered using a bit of extra lighting and crafty photoshop skills.

One picture I am using for my inspiration is the sun setting on the church and Washington monument. I like the symbology behind this image, that’s what I’m trying to capture primarily in my work.  One thing this photo does is “avoid the middle”, this photo subtly suggests that religion is something of a sideshow- or not to be focused on- while   the sun and sky is the main focus. The colour really creates a strong presence for itself- I also like the way the light exposes the darkness of the church itself, this is the effect I am going for. One major thing I will be taking away from this is the effects that the clouds make. Although I would have to wait for the weather to get bad first to get the desired effect.

This is another image that has inspired me. I like how majestic it looks, it really creates an interesting juxtaposition- that being while the image itself looks mighty, beautiful and greater than ourselves and yet it was science that got us there, not religion. Rationalism and skepticism not faith and belief. I think this picture is a good inspiration for me because it demonstrates how effective a simple unedited photo can be. One thing I won’t be able to duplicate is the tilt of the camera, as if science is looking down on the world and smiling. I might be able to match the majesty of the image but not the spectacular feeling around the image. Another thing i like about this image is that it feels 3D. I know it’s 3D but the effect this photo gives off is one that makes the viewer feel like you can reach out and run your fingers throughout the clouds.

I am doing the theme of science and religion primarily because I think the argument of faith vs reason is more relevant than ever. In a world where people chop off each others heads in the name of God and human beings are hurtling towards an unknown future with dangerous technology on the horizon this theme should be explored now more than ever.


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