Social action and community media week by week log


On the first day of doing this unit, the group discussed what social action was, and created a mind map of all our combined thoughts. Some of things we thought could be categorised by social action was: Activism, Petitioning, national days, charity work, demonstrations, etc. We also grouped together and designed a survey to ask random people a few select questions to see how much political knowledge they have. The questions are:

  • Who’s the prime minister?
  • Who are the three main political parties?
  • What age can you vote from?
  • Should 16 year olds be allowed to vote?
  • How often do general elections take place?

100% of people asked said that David Cameron was PM. 100% of people named Conservatives, Labour and Liberals as the three main parties. 75% of people said that 18 was the legal voting age. 25% said the legal age was 16. 100% of people said that 16 year olds should not be allowed to vote. 50% of people said that General Elections happen every 4 years. 25% said every 5 years and another 25% said 25%.


Today, I started on my design for my leaflet. I managed to complete the first page completely, and I got started on page 2 and 3. Today I am actually satisfied with what I did. A lot of effort has been put into making my first page as visually appetising as possible, and I think it worked.


Today I managed to complete my designs- but a few tweaks are needed to improve it.


Today I finished my leaflet and printed it now I have to evaluate it.


Today I organised my production log and began my evaluation


Today I finished my evaluation and handed in all my work- completed


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