Enrichment : Education of England

Education. It’s vital to society and a democracy that people have an education. As an eduction provides people with the skills they need to survive in the world. Their has been much debate as to how we should educate people. Some people want the country to use the Grammar system again; while others want to stick with the comprehensive system. But that’s not the only debate on education that is ongoing. Their is also the debate as to whether we should make higher eduction legal, a debate which isn’t getting as much coverage as it probably deserve. With David Cameron recently pledging to build 500 new schools by 2020- If he wins the general election- the debate seems to be reaching a new level and put new questions into the public lexicon. Questions like: Do we need to build 500 new schools? Should higher education be free? Is their a crises in the education system? If so what is to blame.

Starting with higher education. Going to university is not free in this country, as a student you would have to pay to get your degree. Tuition fees are necessary. This is for many reasons. The first one being that students paying tuition fees, allows universities to maintain their high standards. When you consider that public spending has been strained in recent years, if universities suddenly turned up on the bill, public spending would be stretched even further. This would decrease the quality of all our public services- which would include education. With tuition fees, universities in this country can thrive and compete with other universities across the globe. Another reason why tuition fees are needed, is because: it will make people value their education even more. This is because students would be less inclined to slack off on their education, as if they don’t do well on their courses, then their money is wasted. Another reason could be that with tuition fees- especially the risen tuition fees- is a good thing, is because universities will be more inclined to prove that they are worth £9000 per year. They would have to do this because: if universities don’t show result- like people with degrees having better job prospects- then people would simply stop bother going to UNI.




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