Script for the first ten minutes of my panorama documentary


Lloyd: Freedom of the press, a democracy can’t survive without it. It is essential that the people are kept informed, lest we risk ignorance poisoning are democratic system.

Shots of a London street with people walking through, the shot is sped up. The next shot will be of the sun rising and setting over London, sped up.

Lloyd: But what if our press is already corrupt, what if journalistic ethics have already been bent out of shape by our national press. What if instead of being told what we need to hear, were only being told what we want to hear.

A shot of the BBC headquarters in London- either with clouds over it or in the night. A shot of newspapers being produced and shots of newscasters getting their make up put on and getting ready on set.

Lloyd: In this documentary I will seek to answer these questions: Does media bias effect people’s decisions in the voting booth? How does media bias do this? Finally I will be looking at and exploring examples of when media bias has seemingly effected the outcome of a general election.

A shot of me walking down an alley – in the day- talking directly to the camera.

Investigation begins

Lloyd: I decided to start my investigation at the most well known news distributer in the UK and national treasure; the BBC. I decided to look at the various criticisms of the BBC first, and was fairly surprised by what I found.

A shot of me intently typing on a computer with a determined look on my face,


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