emmas work about work

Looking for three jobs:

  • Immediate start from college
  • mid range
  • chosen career

Immediate start from college






Mid range

Journalist- possibly free lance if necessary

To be a journalist I will develop a skill for smelling a story- so to speak. I will stick to journalistic ethics and not jeopardise the trust between myself and my audience. To be a freelance journalist I don’t necessarily need qualifications but it helps to have them, I will need to be willing to suffer a little, I will need to push myself harder then anyone if I want to



Chosen career

Newspaper editor

For this job I would need to have the highest standard of professionalism, I would have to be the first person at the office and the last person to leave. As the whole paper could become a disaster if I make too many mistakes or become complacent and lazy. I would be expected to show no favouritism and to lead the rest of the people working at the paper. I would also adhere to the “editor code of practice”.



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