Questions for my interview with Justin Madders

1.Do you think that modern day media shows too much bias when reporting on political events?

For my first question I use a closed question- highlighted by the subjective language “do you think”, the question purposefully forces the interviewee to take a specific stance on the issue early on, forcing him into something of a corner, but the question is open enough to allow the interviewee to expand on his answer.

2.Recently Boris Johnson accused the BBC of bias against him, Do you think his claims have any weight to them?

My second question is something of an iterative question. Question two and three are interchangeable, depending on how the interviewee answers my question- whether he says that bias is in favor of the left or right wing. This question is also closed but it allows the interviewee to expand on their answer.

3.Owen Jones – a noted left winger- has also claimed in the past that the BBC is biased, but against the left not against the right, with all of these noted political heavy weights claiming foul against the BBC, is it fair to say that the BBC is in fact corrupted by political bias?

My third question is- again – interchangeable with the second question – granted a little word play may be called upon. Once again this is a closed question with an option available for the interviewee to go in depth with their answers.
4.While were still on Owen Jones, recently he interviewed Russell Brand for the Guardian news paper, during the interview he went incredibly easy on Russell Brand, it almost resembled a Piers Morgan life story interview,considering that Owen Jones had over an hour to interview Brand, do you think that Owen should have challenged Brands political views more than he did?

This is a fixed question. The main goal of this question is to attempt to make a shift in the interviews mood. This is where I will attempt to challenge my interviewee on left wing bias in the media. The question is like the last three questions, being a question where the interviewee can only give two possible answers, but can once again expand on their answers.

5. what do you think of Russell Brand?

This question is an iterative question. It’s designed as a simple closed question.

6.Labour have a lot of support in modern day news media, from the Guardian, the Mirror, do you think that your party has an unfair advantage against other parties, like the green party, UKIP and the lib dems?

This question is designed to be an open question, of course the interviewee could give a small closed answer- for example “no”- but assuming the interviewee has given answers so far attacking the right wing bias of the media, I can bring up some examples of left wing bias and attempt to get them to defend it.
7.Irratitive question: What do you think of Ukip’s election chances?

This question is a closed question, but – i’m hoping- the interviewee goes into greater detail on the subject.

8.Considering that every party since 1992 that has gotten into power has had the Sun newspaper publically backing them, do you think that Labour has a chance to win the general election without them?

This question is an open question, the interviewee could give a closed answer – like yes or no- but I can ask the subject to elaborate on how they can be so sure in their answer.

Post interview:

I tried to keep to my main questions as much as possible, I ended up straying half way through because I felt that some of my questions became irrelevant to the overall interview.


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