assignment 1: the role of the writer

The role of a writer in the script writing process is incredibly important, it could be argued as the most important aspect of creating a TV show script or a film script, because the whole project hinges on the quality if the script. Script writing can be a long difficult process, it can be tiring and rewarding. But the chances of getting your scripts read by people who are influential in the business. If you want to get anywhere in the business you have to start at the bottom.

There are many ways to get your scripts out there. One of the best ways is to send your script to an organisation that commissions scripts regularly. One such organisation is the BBC writers room, you can send a script to them and they are guaranteed to read them. They won’t always accept them or use them but they will read them and thats whats important, if they do reject you, you should be courteous and grateful and then go back to the drawing board.

Another way to get your scripts out there is by entering them in writing competitions. One such competition to enter is the script pipeline international screen writing contest. It costs $4500 to enter the competition and thousands of people enter the contest in the hopes of winning. Those that do win the contest usually go on to great success, an example of this is: Evan Daughtry who- after winning the competition- sold his script “snow white and the huntsman” to universal for £3,000,000, in doing that he became one of the hottest hollywood properties in the world. Since then he has gone on to be contracted by warner bros to write the new he-man script, he also helped write the script for the new Michael Bay Ninja turtles movie.

There are many jobs within the commissioning process. Some of these jobs include: an agent, whose job is to find work for there clients- the writers- they advertise there clients and try and get the attention of directors and producers in order to sell there clients scripts and make money for there clients and themselves. Another job within the commissioning process is a director, the director has to interpret the script and direct every inch of the film making process into creating there own image of what the script wanted. Another important job role in the commissioning process is the producer. The producer



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